In the fall of 2015, the University of Michigan percussion program embarked on a new chapter in its storied history with the occupation of the percussion suite in the new Brehm Pavillion – a $23 million dollar addition to the Eero Saarinen designed E.V. Moore Building located on Michigan’s picturesque North Campus. The new percussion suite features twelve state-of-the-art acoustically isolated practice rooms, along with additional dedicated teaching studios, all with wide, 44″ doors. Additional spaces include a new acoustically-flexible large ensemble rehearsal space, a chamber music/percussion ensemble rehearsal room, dedicated storage/locker space for personal gear, as well as two large, dedicated multi percussion spaces where students can leave their set-ups intact for the duration of learning and performing a work. All practice rooms and teaching studios are also clustered together in close proximity to enhance the sense of community among percussionists. In addition to the percussion facilities, the E.V. Moore building houses two large rehearsal halls, three recital halls, classrooms, music library, and additional faculty studios.  

CONCERT HALLS                      

Percussion Students at the University of Michigan are fortunate to be able to perform in several different concert venues ranging from the intimate 144 seat McIntosh Theater, to the acoustically renowned, 3000+ seat historic Hill Auditorium.  


Located in the Duderstadt Center, the University of Michigan is home to a world class audio and video recording studio available for student use. Everything from audio recording, video recording, as well as live concert productions can take place in this venue. Additionally, there are several fully equipped multi-media editing rooms. Beyond providing a quiet environment for working, the rooms have a number of extra features, including Mac Pros with substantial RAM and processing power, high fidelity audio monitors, two 5K HD displays, a 4K reference monitor, Blu-Ray burners, music keyboards and computer keyboards labeled with Final Cut Pro shortcuts for easier editing.