The University of Michigan Percussion Program enjoys the use of one of the largest and finest inventories of percussion instruments in the country. We are fortunate to have an incredible diversity of impeccably maintained professional instruments.  

Percussion Inventory at a glance (large instruments):  

Marimbas (11) – Marimba One, Yamaha, Adams, Kori  
Xylophones (8) – Musser, Deagan, Leedy, including vintage instruments  
Vibraphones (7) – Yamaha, Musser, Adams  
Glockenspiels (7) – Fall Creek (wide bar- extended range), Deagan (vintage) , Malletech, Adams  
Timpani (8 sets) – Hinger Touch-Tone, Walter Light, Yamaha, Adams, Ludwig, as well as custom-built cable drums in 20″ and 34″ sizes  
Snare Drums/Field Drums – numerous instruments including drums made by Pearl, Yamaha, Ludwig, Leedy, Hinger, Slingerland, Black Swamp  
Drumsets (5) – Pearl & Yamaha Kits  
Concert Bass Drums (10) – Reamer, Ludwig, Yamaha as well as smaller suspended “Abel” chamber bass drums  
Concert Toms  – numerous complete full sets including: Pearl, Yamaha, Slingerland, Ludwig  
Hardware – a wide assortment of including: Pearl, Yamaha, Ludwig, Slingerland, Gibralter rack system, speed rail, custom gong racks  
Cymbals – a wide assortment of Sabian, Zildjian  

Additional Specialized Inventory (abbreviated listing)  

Various Taiko/Odaiko Drums, Chinese Toms  
4.5 Octave rage of Paiste tuned gongs  
Collection of various Thai gongs, cloud gongs  
4.0 Octave range of chromatic tuned almglocken  
A complete collection of Brazilian Instruments – various surdos, tambourims, shekeres, repeniques, pandieros, agogo bells  
Full set of Equilibrium Chromatic Log Drums  
Mannette Steel Drums (lead, double seconds, cello pans)                                                                                                                                                        Dominican Tamboras and Palo drums